weight loss journeyGreetings from Myrtle Beach. My name is Sue White and I will be guest blogging about my weight loss journey.

I have struggled with weight all of my life as I am sure many of you can relate to. Not long ago I was diagnosed with diabetes which made losing weight even more important. I have really been working on losing weight for several months, and although a few pounds have come off – it is been hard.

Sheila was telling me about a new program that Reliv will introduce in January and I got very excited about it. However, this is only mid-December and I ask Sheila if there were some changes we could work on now that will help me through the holidays and she said YES.

Over the next few weeks I will be posting these tips and giving you an update on my progress. Please use the comment area to post your suggestions, struggles, etc. We are all on this journey together.

Small Steps To Weight Loss Success

Lemon Water – each morning drink 3-4 cups of hot lemon water. This will give a full feeling and help to clear out your system.

Drink water – how many times have we heard – drink lots of water – and that is true. However, Sheila suggested that the majority of the water you consume should be in the first half of the day. I will admit this is hard because I drink a lot of coffee (black) which I am trying to cut back.

Increase Protein – one of my problems was actually not eating enough (more on this in my next post) so Sheila has suggested that I increase the amount of protein I am eating. Because of the diabetes, I have completely eliminated all sugar except for certain fruits and have eliminated all white flour and starch. Although I lowered my carbs, I did not increased my proteins and I was causing my metabolism to literally stop.

One problem I have is coming up with proteins for snacks etc. Would love your suggestions in the comments below.

Until next time …..

Sue White

p.s. All comments are reviewed, so be patient and we will get them posted soon.