Before we dive into the topic of weighing in, let’s spend a few minutes and talk about perspective.  They say a lady never tells her age, so let’s leave it that I am an “older” lady with three grandchildren. I no longer desire to look like a swim suit model or a slim version of my current self. So why do I want to lose weight? What is my perspective?

A long HEALTHY life

My husband and I love to travel and I hope to be traveling for as long as I am breathing. I love checking out local parks, waterfalls and yes, restaurants. All of that takes stamina and good health.

That is my perspective – What is yours?

20161224_142211_resizedIt is the day after Christmas and I am headed out to find a good scale. A scale that displays not only pounds but also ounces. Armed with this tool – and that is what your scale is, a tool – I will weigh the same time every morning.

If you have watched you weight all your life then this flies in the face of traditional wisdom. We have always been told to weigh once a week – preferably on the same day each week. So why the change?

I am diabetic and worked with a diabetes coach for a few months which was a huge help to me. She told me to test my blood four times a day (my doctor told me two times a day.) Why the increase – to really get to know my body and what caused my sugar levels to increase and what caused them to stay level. I learned a lot in the process. After each test, I would look at my food journal and see if a spike was caused by eating something that was not healthy for me.  An example is grapes. This is a common food on a lot of diet plans but for me, it sent my sugar soaring.

If I could not attribute a spike in my sugar level to food, then I needed to take an emotional inventory. I soon learned that stressing out over a situation in my life caused my sugar to rise very quickly (in one instance I was dangerously high.)  If I had not been testing throughout the day, I would have never seen the pattern. I have learned to control my stress with prayer and meditation and my sugar levels have stayed steady for several weeks.

Now I am ready to apply this same principle to the scales and weigh every day (only once a day.)  By knowing my weight down to the ounce, I can determine what is working and what is not. Even several days of the same weight is a good thing and tells me I am on the right path. If I gain a few ounces, I can look at my food journal from the previous few days and see what could have triggered the weight gain. Not only what I ate but the time of day, what was I feeling, etc.

This does sound like a lot of work but it is worth it to really be in control of my health and knowing that I am doing everything I can to stay healthy for that next adventure.

Until next time ……

Guest Blogger Sue White

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