Have you ever wondered how some people can stay committed to their word, and others struggle or often back out? Is this an area that you find difficult? It’s time to get to the center of the issue and work on what has been stopping you from being your very best. Your character, work, integrity and relationships are on the line. There is nothing more powerful than your word, and being able to be true to your word. When you are running a business, or working for someone else, sometimes your word is all you have. Take the steps to become a person of integrity and someone who can be relied upon.

Some steps to take:

Ask if you are a person of your word! You may think you keep all of your promises and commitments, but do you? Ask those closest to you either in your family or business and tell them to be honest with their answer. You may be surprised at what they share with you.

Make up your mind to change. You can’t make any positive changes without first changing your mindset. Don’t be stubborn and change for the positive! Tell yourself that you are going to change. You have to see that you can improve and become a reliable person. Regularly remind yourself of your goals. Also remind yourself of the things you have committed to and why. Sometimes thinking of the other people can motivate you to set your mind and keep it set.

Put up reminders that will help remind you of your goals. Put up a note on the fridge, on your mirror that you look at every morning. Reminders could say things like “Be a man of your word” or “Be a woman of your word.” Could also make reminders that say “If you can’t do it, then say no” and “If you say you will, then do.” These notes can be almost endless. Brain storm. Best way to succeed would be to come up with some ideas yourself. Tell your family or others closest to you that you are sticking to your goals and to your word. Ask them for their help as well.

Give yourself enough time If you have scheduled something, then give yourself time. Use alarms. How long does it take to get there? How are you traveling? Did you take the time of day and traffic into account? If you have a booked up schedule then there is no point promising any more of your time away, as you won’t be able to fulfill your word. If you can make where you promised, then make the effort and be there. Don’t get stressed if you told someone you will be there at 1:00 pm and you are there at 1:01 pm. But do all you can to keep your word. If you are running late for any reason, call and let the person know. That is the courteous thing to do.

Do not lie. This one can be an easy trap to fall in. If you promised to meet a family member, friend or colleague or be at work at a certain time and if you are late or even couldn’t make it, then the least you could do is tell the truth and explain why you were late or couldn’t make it. Honesty is the best policy. Part of being trustworthy is being honest.

Learn to say sorry. Why is “I’m sorry”, one of the most difficult things to say? Because it takes humility – If you happen to fail in keeping your word for something, then explain why, but not making excuses, and say you are sorry. Don’t have a bad attitude and don’t expect the person will understand on their own, if you don’t keep your word. Apologizing can go a long way.

Learn to say no. Don’t be a yes man or a yes woman! It’s not very attractive. There’s a saying that goes “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” It’s okay to say yes for good things, though only if you can keep your word. Know how to say “no,” especially if you think you cannot keep your word. Don’t just say you will do something based on how you feel at that moment. Ask for time to think about it and then consider all scenarios to make an educated decision. This step alone can save you a lot of heartache! So many people say they will do something based on feelings at that moment. It’s better to be honest up front and have some time to think about it, then to say yes and have to back out OR do something that your heart is not into.

Build trust! Keep working at being a person of your word. Over time you will start to rebuild trust.
There’s a saying that goes “Trust takes years to build and moments to destroy.” Not sure on the author, but it is profound. Trust takes time to build, with a lot of care and effort and can literally be lost in seconds by being careless.

Mold your character with care. It will take time. If you know people who you have not kept your word with, then seek to repair the damage done by your lack of keeping your word. Being humble also can go a long way. They will usually appreciate your efforts and will, over time, learn to trust you again.

Find an Accountability Partner! Tell one or two people that you are changing your ways and you want to be held accountable for keeping your word. Set up a time to touch base with them every week at first and let them know how you are doing. Knowing that you will be speaking with them will keep you focused. Make sure you stick with this until you have formed a new habit of being trustworthy. Be completely honest with your accountability partner – that is the only way to succeed with a new habit.

With these changes, you will see all areas of your life improve. Your business relationships, family dynamics, even your own personal health and stress levels. Best of luck and future success to you!

Sheila Karsevar
Reliv Independent Distributor
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
(843) 353-1938