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I can hardly contain the excitement of what is happening with people who are committing to getting fit!  This program is incredible and it isn’t about a get skinny quick sham.  This is about a new mind set, a new lifestyle, and one that can be maintained easily!  I have people who have struggled for years to lose weight, get into a regular workout routine, or feel encouraged while doing it.  They are all getting amazing results – including myself!

The best thing is to let them speak for themselves – and there is more to come:

Who do you know that has interest in losing weight or gaining muscle strength?

Here are some of the most recent testimonies on Reliv’s Facebook fit3 page:

Brenda L : I have been doing fit3 for one week. Happy to say I lost 4.2 pounds!! My husband and sister-in-law are doing it with me. They both lost weight too. We are starting our day off with exercise followed by scripture study. Nourish body, mind, and spirit.  It has been great! We met with our group on Saturday for a special weigh in. Also my blood sugars are dropping. Saw my Dr yesterday and we are lowering the dose of my medication.

Mike testimony :  I weighed in this morning at 236 pounds, which means I am now down 14 pounds from 250 after my first two weeks with my fit 3 program. I think that is particularly significant since I have been trying to loose weight since January 1st, but was able to loose only 3 pounds in the month before I started with the fit 3 system.

Wendy ;  On Wednesday I did measurements and weighed. One week on Fit3. Down 3 pounds, 1-1/4 inch in my hips and 1/4 inch in my thighs. I also noticed Thursday and Friday i am not tired in the morning this week, as I have been previous times I had tried to get back into my morning workout routine! I AM VERY EXCITED!

The following results are from me and 3 of my local friends (ages 40’s – 60’s, not listed in order of age though, LOL ):

Suzanne A: In the first 6 weeks of the FIT 3 program I am down 7lbs, and 7.5 inches – that so far is with walking the dogs a couple times per week for exercise!

Robin M: I am down 7.3lbs since I started the Active product February 1st, and 9.3lbs since January.  I started doing the diet modifications in January before I received the product.  I have lost 6.25 inches all over, I get much deeper sleep, no cravings for carbs or soda and my energy level is up!

Lynn D: I have been on Reliv for 6 years and have gotten great results.  The bioavailability has allowed my body to absorb more nutrition than other supplements I have taken in the past (with no results).  Since February 1st I started the FIT 3 program and as of March 16th, I have lost 10lbs and 7 inches.  I feel amazing and best of all I have no cravings which has enabled me to cut out desserts altogether.  Everyday gives me hope and the motivation I need to meet goals and stay on track to a better me!

Sheila K: I was already working out, eating right and building lean muscle.  I have been wanting to lose about 10 additional lbs and have been “stuck” for 8 months.  So far in 6 weeks, I have lost 2 1/2 inches overall, 4.5lbs, I feel even more energy, stamina and I have more strength in my workouts thanks to FIT 3!

More news over the next weeks!  For more information or to get started becoming FIT, contact me or click here http://www.trylunasin.com/ and click on “order” or give me a call at 843-353-1938 and will be happy to walk you through the process.

Until next time – stay hydrated and focused, get plenty of rest and KNOW that you have a purpose in this life.  You need to keep yourself well and your body balanced in order to be strong enough to complete it!

Sheila Karsevar


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